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Week 4 In The Books Monday, Apr 22 2024

Week 4 has been completed for the Retro Division.

Captains Enter Your Stats

Pre-Season Power Rankings Thursday, Mar 9 2023

Pre-Season Power Rankings – Retro Division (CSL D2)

CSL is back under the lights.  Below are the power rankings before the season officially kicks off.  Some will agree.  Some will disagree.  Some don’t give a rats behind.  Enjoy or Complain.  IDC:

5 – Ball Busters

Who? The ever so talented Mark and his best buds from grammar school in Meir, Faizan, and Fahad joined forces with Leo Darwin and their TCBs guys.   

What? They will have speed, good defense, and some pop.  The z factor is getting consistent offense to keep up with the big teams.  

Rank / Reason: Dead Last.  Unfortunately they are not there yet.  However with Leo, Meir and Mark, expect some ESPN highlights from this bunch.

Random Statement:  So nice they have no idea what the cap or rankings are.  They just love to play!

4 - Wildcats

Who? Imagine a team with the Liang Boys, Omar, Adrian, Desh, McQuade, and our old timer Chris.  Well Assad composed it in a relatively short period of time. This quiet but veteran squad is ready to roll under the lights. 

What ? This team has absolutely no weakness.  They can hit, they can field, and they have high IQ.  Mike Liang plays softball like he is walking on water.  The man never sheds a tear or a sweat.  Smooth like a well moisturized arm.  The ex-factor will be their pitching and remaining healthy.   

Rank / Reason:  No 4.  The 3 teams ahead of them are more talented and simply put just seem to be a better fit.  But the games are played on the field -- so anything can happen.  Especially if you have the Liang Boys.  CSL's version of Yin and Yang.

Random Statement:  The Most Diverse Team.  Cover all continents.

3 – Goon Squad

Who? After months of hard negotiations, Billal and Halimi have finally done it!!  They have constructed a powerful team in every which way.  Some of the cast include Nick, Billal, Kunal Sra, Halimi, Yamin, and our favorite intensity player Adeel.  And oh yeah Mike P.

What? This team made some wholesome changes and now focuses on defense while upgrading on offense.  Nick is the best hitter in CSL.  Meanwhile Billal has the best arm (and he aint too shabby at the plate).   With Matty and others in the fold - this team is scary.  The ex-factors will be their defense.  At times, their miscues in the field can open up floodgates and internal conflict becomes evident.  Let's see what adjustments Billal and leadership can make. 

Rank / Reason: No 3.  This team is good enough to win it all.  After doing the league a favor and sacrificing playing on weaker teams - this could be the season!

Random Statement:  Put on a Great Front.  However, deep down inside they are teddy bears.

2 – Shaving Grace

Who? Rishi is back.  And with him is Basil, Sugar, Keith, Paulo, Thomas, and the fan favorite Manpreet and more.  

What? There was a time when Rishi was loved causebecauseas the loveable underdog.  But now he is the loveable hated on -  cause the man just wins.   In fact, he has not lost on the field for a while.  His current team is again very powerful and are the favorites.   We hear Shane is out and that could be a concern, as he was a game changer.  But overall - no one thinks Rishi with Sugar on his side will ever be an underdog again. 

Rank / Reason: No 2.  When you win so much - you get used to it and people just expect them to be in the chip!

Random Statement:  Rishi rather lose for once so he can be loved by the brown guys.

1 - Misfits

Who? Captain Milan is bringing back the Misfits - champs from 2022.  His crew is Anthony.  Tyler.  Josh.   Aruop.   PK. Majid. Oak.   And their personal team comedian – Manju.  

What?  Team Misfits continue to do a great job in recruiting talent.  They appear to do it the right way.  Everyone pays.  Everyone plays. Everyone shows up.  No fanfare.  Just win baby!!! This season's team may present some challenges in the right side of the defense.  But overall they are no 1. 

Rank / Reason: No 1.  With captain Milan at the helm - he has the winning pedigree so we will leave him at no 1 !!

Random Statement:  The Team That Pays First

More News
Team Win Loss
Shaving Grace 10 3
Misfits 8 5
Wildcats 8 8
Goon Squad 5 8
Ball Busters 3 10
Team Player Avg
Ball Busters Omar 1
Ball Busters Angel 1
Misfits Chris Stefl 1
Misfits Josh Abbensetts 0.8
Misfits Remy Almarante 0.739
Ball Busters Nuke Donell Cater 0.727
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