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Predictions July 22 Games Friday, Jul 21 2017

The Heat Continues

Spartans vs. Butcherz, Field 14 @ 10:45 am

The defending champs versus the guys who lost to them in the finals. Butcherz looking to send Spartans a message that they are only holding the chip until playoff time. Both teams are good at full strength but Spartans having been showing cracks in their armor without the their star pitcher Jamie and hitters like Abdullah and Ali. Yasar is a good pitcher as well but cannot make up for the absence of other big hitter. If Spartans at full strength, then these games will be very exciting. Spartans just split with Panthers while Butcherz swept All-Day.   All eyes should be on MVP candidate Ray of the Butcherz.  The man can execute 3 outs just by himself on defense.
Our prediction: Split Butcherz fresh off their sweep take first game 9-7 but Spartans wake up and show championship form and take second game 11-6.

Thunderbirds vs. Panthers, Field D @ 10:45 am

Here are two teams going in opposite directions as the Panthers split with Spartans last week and Thunderbirds got swept by DC. Thunderbirds and DC both were short players last week and so the question is who shows up this week. Thunderbirds emotion leader Farooq is out on supsension this week after an explosive reaction to the losses to DC but if Thunderbirds get focused  then they have a competitive team. Panthers no longer have their attendance issues of the past and seem to have a a good team regardless of which players show up. These games come down to defense.  And oh boy wouldn't Shafi and Fatehser want to bury Farooq and Waqas and the rest of the Birds
Our Predictions is split:   Panthers have better defense if all their players show up but Thunderbirds have a very experienced ball club. FIrst game Panthers by score of 10 -7 and second game after adjustments and departures-Thunderbirds win 9-7.
DC vs. All-Day, Field 15 @ 10:45 am

Diamond Cutters need a minute to regroup after last weeks marathon and combustible match against T-Birds but will not get in All-Day, the young hungry team of CSL. All Day can smell blood and look to catch DC napping. DC needs full squad and their best pitcher Masoom who can put bats to sleep on his best days and also can lead his team with his bat.  All Day suffered some injuries so they need every able bodied player to have their best game. 
Our prediction, DC  sweeps because Raheel is having DC sleep at his home, serving breakfast to insure that DC has full aquad. DC will not sleep on teams as they may have done against  Panthers two weeks ago. DC will be ready and eager probably too much for young All Day squad.  First game DC 11-5 and second game closer but DC pulls out 10-8.
Grades Thursday, Jul 20 2017


Report Cards

1)      Butcherz (A) – This team look like they have really taken losing the finals personally as they been on a tear this season.  They are currently and have been in first for most of the season, and their only losses came on splits. They are the only team to not have been swept yet and they seem to have a family atmosphere in the dugout. The commander never has had issues fielding a team or they are almost never short. They have a solid 1-10 lineup, their defense has been on point and the team chemistry is the best. With the way things are going, we expect this team to take the hold the coveted crescent cup in the end of the summer.  In addition, let us not forget they look even more dangerous with their new uniforms.

2)      Panthers (B+) – Though they are in the bottom half in the records column, this team is overachieving in terms of production. One thing that stands out is that there is little to no attendance issues, they are coming to games on time, and have made some key off-season additions, such as Ahmad Halimi, Solyman Najmi and CSL veteran Zeeshan. Brother Amin seems to have reverse aged, as he is looking 15 years younger. Shafi has been putting in time off the field by watching videos on softball, and it looks like Fatehsher has finally given up certain spots on defense to the better defenders. Their offense has been deadly, and their defense has been better than past years. They are the team that everyone secretly fears.

3)      Diamond Cutterz (B) – This team seems to be in the same position year in, year out. They look very good on paper, but on the field, the pieces seem not to click fully. The good thing about this team? They always seem to have a deep bench and have players that have solid championship experience. They seem to not have built the chemistry, as a consistent team has not been showing up. They have had some bad losses but also have had some great wins. This year’s team is a mix of the new (Ahmer, Shimmy, Usman, Hasan and crew) along with the old (Anwar, Irfan, Manju, etc) and we believe the captains will do a great job in mixing the two along with their superstars. This team is feared in any league.

4)      Spartans (B) – The 2016 champs not looking as sharp as they did in prior years. However, we know with a full squad they are probably the best team in the league. Junior has groomed his team to be defensively very sound, offensively more mature, and in the dugout less bickering. The issues that plague this team this year is attendance and we think they are doing a good job playing shorthanded as they sit #2 in the standings. Brother Adam has taken on more leadership responsibilities and Mike, Junior and Noor have been doing a better job meshing, the question is how will they finish the season and what will they do in the playoffs.

5)      All Day (C+) – We call this team All Day 2.0, as new leadership has been implemented, as well as many new faces. This team has more wins than the Aqib led All Day of the past two seasons. This team is a little older, defensively a lot sounder, and have some big bats compared to seasons past. Captain Asad’s main issue seems to be roster management but we know it is not an easy job for any rookie captain. They have had qualify wins against teams such as DC, Panthers, Birds, and have played close games against other teams. We believe how they finish the season will determine their fate in the playoffs. We are very excited for this team in the coming years.

6)      Thunderbirds (C) – They maybe 6th in the power rankings, but they are really better on the field. This team is the team with the most fire, most consistent hitting, hidden talent, and a team led by an captain (Farooq) and MVP candidate Bilal. However, they have been very inconsistent with their team’s faces as we see new people every week and people playing in different positions. But, we know by seasons end, Farooq will cook up something special and be sure to lead them in the right direction, as he’s always have.  Pitcher Riz has held his own with some nasty sliders, and their outfield of Waqas, Ozzie, and Manpreet are all having stellar seasons. With a full squad, they can take anyone, as they have had quality wins against almost every team in the league. We look forward to following this team the rest of the season.


Predictions July 15, 2017 Games Friday, Jul 14 2017

The Heat is On!

At the midpoint, we see this season has turned out much different from expected.  DC and TBirds are no longer the talked about franchises.  Thanks to the resurgence of the Panthers and the new and improved All Day squad, the CSL old generation seems to be headed for retirement.  However, let us not forget that the Spartans are defending Champs and the Butcherz have the best SS in the CSL.  With that said, let us get to this week’s predictions:

Series 1: Field 14, Panthers vs. Spartans, 10:45 am.

This will be the game of the week.  The Panthers are loaded with their new additions in Zee and So.  They proved their worth by sweeping DC with only three outfielders last week in two exciting games.  On offense, Captain Amin has them clicking on all cylinders as well led by MVP candidate Leo.  Their opponent, the Spartans, are defending champs and their core of Jaimie, Abdullah, Junior, Junior, and Mike P will look forward to this contest and show the CSL nation they are still the champs and have the cup to prove it.

The community sees this as an even contest as both teams use small ball to generate runs and play smart defense.   With the exception of Mike (who looks to pop one each time), the rest of Spartans look to get on base and score in bunches.  The pitching of Jaimie will be a key for the Spartans.  If he can maintain his composure, the Spartans can be successful.  Meanwhile, the Panthers just need to ensure their players show up, be patient at the plate, and let their defense do their thing.  This could be the best Panthers team ever!  Nice Job Captain Amin.

Prediction: Game 1: Spartans 9, Panthers 7, Game 2: Panthers 10, Spartans 8

Series 2: Field 15, DC vs. Tbirds, 10:45 am.

These two former popular franchises will square up for a mid-season contest with really nothing on the line.  While they have gotten older, the excitement is there.  Remember in Week 1, Farooq of the Tbirds was jawing with the entire DC team as he made his pitching debut.  We hear he ticked off many and DC is looking to extract revenge against the near 50 yr old CSL legend.   Well bad news, Riz is pitching.  Lol.

Both teams lack consistency.  They have the talent with likes of David, Waqas, Jon, Kunal, Hashim, etc but they just cannot seem to get a streak of wins.  The community sees this as a back and forth sloppy battle with high scoring and costly errors.  The keys will be defensive and mental mistakes.  Both teams have made so many this season.  You can count on the Birds to make seven a game.    We expect a split.

Prediction: Game 1: DC 15, TBirds 12, Game 2: TBirds 14, DC 8

Series 3: Field D, All Day vs. ButcherZ, 10:45 am.

Notice to the league.  This is a new All Day team.  Their 3B is solid.  Their OF is solid.  Their SS is solid.  The Butcherz also have solid defense in key positions.  Especially their arms in the outfield led by Mike.  Those brothers lead the league in assists.   Therefore, we expect two low scoring games with minimal errors if any. 

The keys will be getting timely hitting with runners in scoring positions for both teams.  The pitching of Ryan is a key for the Butcherz as the bottom of All Day likes to look for walks.  For All Day, the key is communicating in the field on cutting off plays.  Moreover, of course attendance.  If you look at it closely, these two teams are very similar.  The community sees this as two close games with focus on defense. 

Prediction: Game 1: ButcherZ 8, All Day 5.  Game 2: ButcherZ 9, All Day 6.



Ramadan Mubarak! Friday, May 26 2017
Ramadan Mubarak to everyone from the CSL family. We hope you have a blessed Ramadan. See you all after Eid!
Prediction 5/6 Friday, May 5 2017

Prediction Friday!

Spartans vs Diamond Cutterz

A matchup of two teams who are going to be very hungry for wins. The Spartans are coming off a split with the T-Birds in which they gain momentum blowing out the Birds with a 3rd inning mercy, while the Diamond Cutterz are coming off a rough matchup against the ButcherZ where they were sweep! .

Both Teams are going to be laser focus on getting wins this week. Spartans will look to attack early and attack often to get back to their winning form that we know them t to be. DC are going to coming playing upset and take out their frustrations from their early season woes on the Defending Champs. Its going to be a great battle for these two offensive powerhouse. Our Predictions: (Split) Game 1: DC over the Spartans, with DC playing hungry at 18-10 and Game 2: Spartans comes roaring back to win 23-10.

All Day vs Thunderbirds

This matchup features two teams coming off two very impressive splits. All day are coming off a hard fought split with the Panthers. They are playing very good softball and they are keeping the CSL on the edge of their seats because they are young, energetic and great team in the making. Thunderbirds are looking to gain momentum with the high power offense. They are making a lot of noise with great power hitting and some great pitching. It’s only a matter of time before they get going and be the team to beat.

Our Predictions: (Thunderbirds Sweep) Game 1: T-Birds win a shootout at 25-18 with their solid power hitting and Game 2: T-Birds winning a closer second game, with All day going out swinging 21-19.

Panthers vs ButcherZ

Our final match of the week is with two very good teams that loves to have fun. Panthers are giving their Veteran Captain a great send off by playing some exciting softball. Their record doesn’t show it but they are solid team, when they are all there. ButcherZ are coming a sweep where we see them playing very good TEAM ball. They are playing smart, fun, and winning softball where they feature some great all around players.

Our Predictions: (ButcherZ Sweep) Game 1: ButcherZ win a close game with some good pitching and defense at 14-10 and Game 2: ButcherZ winning the second game 23-17, with some great power hitting coming from the middle of their lineup.

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Who is your early season favorite for MVP?
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Team Win Loss
Spartans 9 5
ButcherZ 9 5
Diamond Cutterz 7 7
Panthers 6 8
Thunderbirds 6 8
All Day 5 9
Team Player Avg
Diamond Cutterz Saeed Sadat 1
Spartans John Villalta 1
Spartans Keith Gillian 0.923
All Day Felix 0.867
Spartans Kashif Hussain 0.857
Spartans Isidiro Diaz Jr. 0.818
Saturday, Jul 29 2017

Thunderbirds vs  Spartans at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field 15

Spartans vs  Thunderbirds at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field 15

Diamond Cutterz vs  ButcherZ at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field D

ButcherZ vs  Diamond Cutterz at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field D

All Day vs  Panthers at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field 14

Panthers vs  All Day at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field 14
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