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Week 2 Recaps Saturday, Apr 25 2015


Series: Clockwork / All Day:
All Day looked good in the wonderful new Red uniforms. But when the game got started they got a quick taste of what the CW team is all about. CW dominated both games and showed why they are the favorite in CSL Season 8.  Overall Junior led with excellent hitting and defense. Meanwhile, Manny also had a great day at the plate. On the mound, it was Ahmad that shut down the opponents all day. 
Final Scores:
Game 1: - CW 18, AD 4
Game 2: - CW 18, AD 1
Series: Thunderbirds / Butcherz
Thunderbirds win both games in an offensive effort.  However, game 1 is being disputed as the Butcherz claim it should have been forfeited as Tbirds arrived late.  Meanwhile, Waqas and Sammy tore the covers off the ball, along with Juniors’ line drives and great defense.  In the field strong play by Noor was a key factor in the games.
Final Scores:
Game 1: Tbirds 17, Butcherz, 2 – Under review by the league
Game 2: Tbirds 18, Butcherz. 6
Series: Diamond Cuttaz/Panthers:
Panthers once again struggled to field a team and they suffered and embarrassing sweep at the hand of Diamond Cuttaz. First game was a forfeit. Game 2 it was all DC as Tom, Salman, and Shadesh clobbered the ball and kept the Panthers winless.  Diamond received excellent defense and pitching en route to their sweep.   Simply put, the Panthers have the talent but their leadership needs to step up and field a team.
Final Scores:
Game 1: Diamond Cuttaz win via Forfeit
Game 2: Diamond Cuttaz 24, Panthers3
Week 2 Previews Friday, Apr 24 2015


Week 2 Schedule and Previews:
Saturday April 25 @ Eisenhower Park:

Preview and Prediction
Series 1
2 Games
10:45 am @ Eisenhower
Field 1
Thunderbirds vs. Butchers
Both teams are 2-0. But let’s be real, the Butcherz need to show something versus a non-rookie team to see really how far along they have come. This contest, vs. the finals runner–up will be a true test. We think this will be an offensive minded series with both teams tearing the ball. At the end the TBirds are too experienced and too savvy to lose to the Butcherz. And who can forget Butcherz last season’s big win over TBirds in dramatic fashion. Revenge will be on the Tbirds mind. Be prepared Mo.Predictions: Game 1: TBirds 14, Butcherz 10. Game 2: TBirds 13, Butchers 9.
Series 2
2 Games
10:45 am @ Eisenhower
Field 2
Diamond Cuttaz vs. Panthers
Co-Captain Fatehsher played a big role in motivating the DC team and making them respectable. Well they are back with a talented squad led Salman, Manju, and Raheel. The Panthers are solid as well with Leo, Shafi, Fatesher and company. This series DC should be a high scoring slug fest. Both teams have speed, stamina, and power. The Panthers biggest weakness is their infield defense. If they can limit the errors, we predict a split. Otherwise, it could be a sweep. Predictions: Game 1: DC 11, Panther 7. Game 2: Panthers 12, DC 9.
Series 3
2 Games
10:45 am @ Eisenhower
Field 3
All Day vs. Clockwork
Everyone is saying that CW is the team to beat since they merged with the Bandits. So why would anyone expect them not to sweep these young rookies called All Day? Clockwork has an abundance of talent in each position. But they are known to make mental errors down the stretch in crucial times. Can captain Hamdy correct that? Time will tell. Meanwhile we expect this contest to be lopsided in game 1 but a little closer in game 2. The question is who did Captain Aqib add to help the team on defense? Predictions: Game 1: Clockwork 15, All Day 3. Game 2: Clockwork 14, All Day 9.

Week 1 Results And Recap Sunday, Apr 19 2015





Series: Clockwork / Diamond Cuttaz:
The results between these two highly ranked teams went exactly as expected. The DC won the first game due to timely hitting and excellent defense in the final innings. CW showed signs of rust which enabled DC to capitalize. Game 2 it was more of what we expected from CW. They pounded the ball led by Junior, Juju, Maher and Hanny. Although DC had a lead midway, the CW was able to bounce back and hold on for a win.
Final Scores:
Game 1: DC 15, CW 14.
Game 2: CW 15, DC 11
Series: All Day / Butcherz
This time last season, it was the Butcherz who were entering the CSL brotherhood and trying to find their way. Well now the Butcherz are veterans and learned a few things. Their match-up vs. All Day, a new team, certainly went the Butcherz way, as they swept both games from the rookies.  But all indications are that the rookies will be fine.
Final Scores:
Game 1: Butcherz 24, All Day 4
Game 2: Butcherz 17, All Day 1
Series: Thunderbirds/Panthers:
These two veteran teams came in with high expectations. But the Waqas led Tbirds sent a strong message to the league that they should be the favorites. With so many new additions such as Noor, Adam, Sammy, Butt, and Alex – and combined with past season stars Riz, Junior, Ozzie, and Omar, the results were very favorable for them as they trounced Panthers in both games. The highlights were the strong pitching of Riz and the excellent defense of Sammy. On offense it was Adam, Waqas, and Riz who helped seal the wins. Meanwhile for Panthers, they have some chips in Leo and Alex but it will take time to get things as their defense seems to be inconsistent. A bright spot for Panthers was the strong hitting of Shafi. It appeared he couldn’t be stopped at the plate.
Final Scores:
Game 1: Thunderbirds 11, Panthers 6.
Game 2: Thunderbirds 20, Panthers 5
Friday Predictions Friday, Apr 17 2015

Butcherz VS All Day

The first matchup of the new season is between the sophomore's vs. rookies. We expect both teams to come out a little rusty but till both get the hang by game 2.

everyone knows the Butcherz made some noise towards the end of last season and we look forward to them making more noise this season with captain Moe, Special K and the rest of the gang in green.

As for 'All Day' the rookie team, we expect them to bring a ton of athleticism, as this will be one of the youngest teams in CSL history. Most of these new faces grew up in Queens playing baseball so we expect them to pick up softball very quick. Captain Aqib is very confident and expects the season to be a good one.

Community Prediction:

Game 1: Butcherz will edge out the rookies in a 17-6 victory.

Game2: All Day will redeem themselves and pull out a hard fought victory of 12-10.

Clock Work VS Diamond Cutterz

All hail the return of the 2013 regular season champions Clockwork! They start off the season against a revamped Diamond Cutterz team who have made some key additions to their team. This should be a very interesting matchup but lets see what both teams entail.

When looking at the boys in orange we know Hamdy and the gang are back in action and looking to take home the cup this season! the last time we saw them they were standing a top of the league and fell short to a hot Bandits in the playoffs. With Hamdy's leadership and returning 2013 MVP Angelo we believe they have a solid shot at the chip.

While on the other side of town we look a the boys in blue; no not NYPD, we're talking about the Diamond Cutterz! Captain Salman has been quiet and hasnt made much comments regarding the team. Rumor has it they have added the Nadim brothers Raheel and Nabil who both bring championship experience. There are a couple other signings which have yet to be released but we believe DC will have a solid season.

Community Prediction:

Game 1: Clockwork will remind the league of 2013 and take DC in a 15-12 victory.

Game 2: DC will make a nice run but will fall short to the big bats of the boys in orange. 10-9.

Panthers VS ThunderBirds

A matchup of the veterans should be a slow and interesting one. We're hoping both teams wont run out of gas before the 6th inning as we know most guys are above 30. But just because they're 30 doesnt mean they dunno how to ball. We expect this matchup to be a well structured, loud and aggressive game.

The Panthers are a scary team with power, veternship, defense and some speed. Having guys like Leo, Fatehsher and Junior you know these guys can damage anyone. They are the early favorites to win the championship and we know this will be a magical year as Shafi has been doing a lot of talking about the cup.

ThunderBirds are a special team as they bring a mix of veterans and young bloods. Waq and Fargo have made a couple new additions to their core for the championship run. Rumor has it that they have 2 sets of teams; an A and B team. Props to management on that because boy will they be hard to prepare for.

Community Prediction:

Game 1: Depending on which ThunderBirds show up we predict them to come out swinging and surprise the Panthers with a 13-9 Victory.

Game2: With all the veterans, we know the Panthers wont get stung by the same bee twice, they will rally back and give TB a nice butt-kicking with a 20-6 victory.

Thanks all folks!

Week 1 Tuesday, Apr 14 2015

Week 1 Schedule Posted -- Previews Coming Soon!

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More News
Team Win Loss
Thunderbirds 4 0
Diamond Cutterz 3 1
Clockwork 3 1
Butcherz 2 2
Panthers 0 4
All Day 0 4
Team Player Avg
Butcherz Naz 1
Butcherz Mohammad (Mo) 1
Thunderbirds Ozzie 1
Thunderbirds Waqas C 0.929
Thunderbirds Sammy P 0.923
Butcherz Nazeem (Buddy) 0.857
Saturday, May 2 2015

Butcherz vs  Panthers at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower, Field 3

Panthers vs  Butcherz at 12 PM
  Eisenhower, Field 3

Thunderbirds vs  Clockwork at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower, Field 2

Clockwork vs  Thunderbirds at 12 PM
  Eisenhower, Field 2

All Day vs  Diamond Cutterz at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower, Field 1

Diamond Cutterz vs  All Day at 12 PM
  Eisenhower, Field 1
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