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Prediction 5/6 Friday, May 5 2017

Prediction Friday!

Spartans vs Diamond Cutterz

A matchup of two teams who are going to be very hungry for wins. The Spartans are coming off a split with the T-Birds in which they gain momentum blowing out the Birds with a 3rd inning mercy, while the Diamond Cutterz are coming off a rough matchup against the ButcherZ where they were sweep! .

Both Teams are going to be laser focus on getting wins this week. Spartans will look to attack early and attack often to get back to their winning form that we know them t to be. DC are going to coming playing upset and take out their frustrations from their early season woes on the Defending Champs. Its going to be a great battle for these two offensive powerhouse. Our Predictions: (Split) Game 1: DC over the Spartans, with DC playing hungry at 18-10 and Game 2: Spartans comes roaring back to win 23-10.

All Day vs Thunderbirds

This matchup features two teams coming off two very impressive splits. All day are coming off a hard fought split with the Panthers. They are playing very good softball and they are keeping the CSL on the edge of their seats because they are young, energetic and great team in the making. Thunderbirds are looking to gain momentum with the high power offense. They are making a lot of noise with great power hitting and some great pitching. It’s only a matter of time before they get going and be the team to beat.

Our Predictions: (Thunderbirds Sweep) Game 1: T-Birds win a shootout at 25-18 with their solid power hitting and Game 2: T-Birds winning a closer second game, with All day going out swinging 21-19.

Panthers vs ButcherZ

Our final match of the week is with two very good teams that loves to have fun. Panthers are giving their Veteran Captain a great send off by playing some exciting softball. Their record doesn’t show it but they are solid team, when they are all there. ButcherZ are coming a sweep where we see them playing very good TEAM ball. They are playing smart, fun, and winning softball where they feature some great all around players.

Our Predictions: (ButcherZ Sweep) Game 1: ButcherZ win a close game with some good pitching and defense at 14-10 and Game 2: ButcherZ winning the second game 23-17, with some great power hitting coming from the middle of their lineup.

Did You Know?? Thursday, May 4 2017

Original Captains

Farooq Saleem (Thunderbirds) and Salman Quader (Diamond Cutterz) are the only remaining captains from season 1 (2008).

Prediction 4/29 Friday, Apr 28 2017

Prediction Friday!

Thunderbirds vs Spartans

A matchup of two offensive heavy teams with a lot history between them. The T-Birds are coming off an impressive sweep of the Panthers scoring 42 runs last weekend, while the Spartans are coming off a tough matchup against their finals opponents from last year.

The Spartans split and just barely got by in game 2. Last year the Spartans lead in almost all offensive stats but this year the T-Birds are gunning for the number 1 position. It’s a big weekend for both teams since they’re tied in first at 3-1. Our Predictions: (Split) Game 1: T-Birds over the Spartans due to offensive mistakes by the Champs 19-15 and Game 2: Spartans fighting back by hitting hard with the long ball to win 19-8.

Diamond Cutterz vs ButcherZ

Both teams are coming off a split but in different directions in reality. DC split against the newly lead All Day who came in last place last season and the ButcherZ split with last year’s defending champs. The ButcherZ are energized and gunning for that first place spot in the regular season and the post season.

DC is a legendary CSL team known to drastically improve their play down the stretch of the season. Our Predictions: (ButcherZ Sweep) Game 1: ButcherZ win a close game at 18-15 with their solid infield defense and Game 2: ButcherZ blow out and mercy rule the former champs at 23-12 with the middle of their line-up just owning the DC pitchers.

All Day vs Panthers

All Day got their first victory of the season against the former champs in DC. The Panthers however seem to still struggle to get a full squad to the diamond and on time. The Panthers are coming off a tough week where they battled back but still got swept by the T-Birds.

This week we’ll see one of the youngest teams in CSL go up against one of the oldest teams in CSL history. Our Predictions: (Split) Game 1: All Day continue their winning momentum and use timely base hits to win a close game 17-16. Game 2, the Panthers strike back using their veterans and their hungry offense 18-9.

Power Rankings Week 2 Wednesday, Apr 26 2017

CSL Power Rankings: Version 1, Week 2










 Hail to the Champs.  While they split versus a tough Butcherz team, Captain Junior was still able to rally his troops to gain a meaningful split despite having a depleted outfield.  MVP hopeful Mike can certainly hit the ball but can he please stop complaining to the umps?  Next up is Waqas led TBirds.  Let’s see how the Spartans deal with the Birds who appear to be in a resurgence.  The X factor is the Campos bros.  It seems their fielding is fading.




The Commish runs this team and they call him Commander (Mo Rhiman).  It seems the knives were sharpened a bit more than expected thus far.  Have you seen their loaded lineup?  Raheem, Nees, Ray, and some person named Kaufman who has 6 doubles.  It will really come down to their defense.  Can they shore up the right side of their fielding?  The return of their pitcher should help.  BALL!





After getting a sound beating by the hands of the DC rentals in game one of the season, the TBirds have won 3-in-a row.  All because of Bilal, Ozzie, George, and Farooq.  This foursome has been awesome.  Meanwhile, Captain Waqas has been doing some recruiting to ensure this team is prepared for the long haul.  A true test this week is upon the Birds as they take on their nemesis and former mates The Spartans.  Look for the intensity to be increased by a few notches.




Well DC has suddenly become the doormats of the league, as the hate is real.  They have been accused of borrowing players to win a chip.  However, don’t be fooled, they have some key committed guys in Faraz, Hasan, Manju, and the Captain himself  Salman who has done a lot for this league.  Their play thus far has been spotty.  Kunal, Hashim, and company will probably start rolling on all cylinders as the weather warms up.  So watch out league.  With the Raheel factor, DC will be a powerhouse team.  













All Day


The league should learn from the leaders of this team. Asad and Tan stepped up to lead this team on short notice.  In addition, they are competing as Tan, Johnny, and Amby are tearing the covers off the ball.  Wait until the original veterans Moe and Syed get going, All Day could be a team to fear.  Now if they can just make some adjustments in the infield then this team will be even more confident.




They have the talent with Shafi, Leo, Tony, Kamrul, Fatehser, and the ageless wonder Amin.  However, the issue is lack of leadership on the field.  They blew the lead twice versus the Tbirds this past week, which cost them a sweep if the defense was able to make some key plays.  The question is: how long will Leo and Tony stick around if the Panthers keep losing.  They cannot rely on Miguel to save the team.  Perhaps Leo should start playing the OF.  

Week 2 Results Monday, Apr 24 2017

Week 2 is in the books and we see parity and continued brotherhood.  Three teams are 3-1 and the rest aren’t too far off.  Panthers are winless after a tough battle versus the TBirds this past week.  However, with Leo, Tony, Kamrul, and the resurgence of the ageless wonder Captain Amin the Panthers should be competitive.   The Champs hit a minor skid this week by losing badly in game 1 while the new and improved All Day boyz gained a split vs. DC’s rentals. (:/. Just kidding Captain Salman.   Here are the brief recaps from a muddy and dreary Week 2.

Tbirds vs Panthers.  On a muddy field both teams capitalized from a barrage of fielding errors and mental miscues.  Game 1, the TBirds started off with a lead but the Panthers battled back thanks to the powerful hitting of Amin, Leo and Tony and took the lead.  However, Bilal and Ozzie returned the favor with clutch hits of their own which sealed a win.  Game 2, the TBirds again blew a mid-game lead due to key errors by their outfield and allowed the Panthers to score 9 runs in the 5th.  However, Ozzie and Bilal struck again and fueled a 12 run rally in the 6th which sealed another win for the Birds.  Farooq closed out the game with an impressive 7th.  Game 1: TBirds 19, Panthers 16.  Game 2: TBirds 23, Panthers 13.

Spartans vs. ButcherZ.  Both teams came in amped as the rematch of Season 9 Finals was underway.  Captain Commander had his team ready.  They hit liners after liners in game 1 to win soundly by a score of 18-6.  Game 2, the Spartans inched out a win thanks to good team play led by their captain Junior.  Final score 16 to 15.  Series Split.

All Day vs. DC.  The battle of two of the younger teams featured many runs and balanced play.  In a surprise, All Day gained a split in two hard fought games.  Kudos to the new administration of All Day for winning their first game in Season 10.  Game 1: DC 14, All Day 8.  Game 2: All day 17, DC 9.  Some Day we may call All Day CSL  Champs!



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Team Win Loss
ButcherZ 5 1
Spartans 4 2
Thunderbirds 4 2
Diamond Cutterz 2 4
All Day 2 4
Panthers 1 5
Team Player Avg
Diamond Cutterz Saeed Sadat 1
Spartans John 1
Spartans Yasar 1
Spartans Keith 0.923
Thunderbirds Moon 0.875
All Day Felix 0.867
Saturday, Jul 8 2017

Spartans vs  All Day at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field D

All Day vs  Spartans at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field D

Diamond Cutterz vs  Panthers at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field 14

Panthers vs  Diamond Cutterz at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field 14

ButcherZ vs  Thunderbirds at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field 15

Thunderbirds vs  ButcherZ at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field 15
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