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Week 2 Results Monday, Apr 24 2017

Week 2 is in the books and we see parity and continued brotherhood.  Three teams are 3-1 and the rest aren’t too far off.  Panthers are winless after a tough battle versus the TBirds this past week.  However, with Leo, Tony, Kamrul, and the resurgence of the ageless wonder Captain Amin the Panthers should be competitive.   The Champs hit a minor skid this week by losing badly in game 1 while the new and improved All Day boyz gained a split vs. DC’s rentals. (:/. Just kidding Captain Salman.   Here are the brief recaps from a muddy and dreary Week 2.

Tbirds vs Panthers.  On a muddy field both teams capitalized from a barrage of fielding errors and mental miscues.  Game 1, the TBirds started off with a lead but the Panthers battled back thanks to the powerful hitting of Amin, Leo and Tony and took the lead.  However, Bilal and Ozzie returned the favor with clutch hits of their own which sealed a win.  Game 2, the TBirds again blew a mid-game lead due to key errors by their outfield and allowed the Panthers to score 9 runs in the 5th.  However, Ozzie and Bilal struck again and fueled a 12 run rally in the 6th which sealed another win for the Birds.  Farooq closed out the game with an impressive 7th.  Game 1: TBirds 19, Panthers 16.  Game 2: TBirds 23, Panthers 13.

Spartans vs. ButcherZ.  Both teams came in amped as the rematch of Season 9 Finals was underway.  Captain Commander had his team ready.  They hit liners after liners in game 1 to win soundly by a score of 18-6.  Game 2, the Spartans inched out a win thanks to good team play led by their captain Junior.  Final score 16 to 15.  Series Split.

All Day vs. DC.  The battle of two of the younger teams featured many runs and balanced play.  In a surprise, All Day gained a split in two hard fought games.  Kudos to the new administration of All Day for winning their first game in Season 10.  Game 1: DC 14, All Day 8.  Game 2: All day 17, DC 9.  Some Day we may call All Day CSL  Champs!



Prediction 4/21 Friday, Apr 21 2017

Thunderbirds vs Panthers

A matchup of two veteran teams with a lot history and lots of fire. The t birds are coming off an impressive split with the young boys of DC in which both teams Merced each other, while the Panthers are coming off a tough matchup against the defending champions, Spartans.

We expect this game to be a high scoring, defensive-less game with certainty of Shafi and Farooq with non-stop trash talk. The community believes the game will come down to the bottom of the lineup for each team, and how they perform. Being that the Panthers are a more veteran group, and a team that’s stuck together for a few years now, they will edge out the birds in a close 2 game contest, Game 1: 17-14 and Game 2: 16-15.

Diamond Cutterz vs All Day

Both teams showed good signs in week 1 with some hiccups as well. But we believe both teams have the ability to go on a tear come mid-season. DC is coming off a weird split with the birds in which they both mercied each other. While All Day is coming off of two losses to a solid Butcherz team. DC shows signs of the 2015 championship team when they have all their guys, as they can compete with anyone.

On the other side, the new revamped All Day team is looking better than ever, now that they have better leadership. What can we expect from this game? Since we don’t know enough about the All Day team, it all comes down to which DC team shows up. The community predicts DC to show up and pick up a quick sweep. Game 1: 18-6, Game 2: 15-9.

ButcherZ vs Spartans

The game of the week will be featuring the two finalists from last season. Both teams already look in top form from the opening pitch and expect this game to be a very solid defensive game. The Butcherz are coming off a nice sweep of the revamped All Day, while the Spartans are coming off a crushing of the Panthers.

Both teams feature very good hitting and very good defense; but we believe the key to this game will be the outfield. Whichever team has the better outfield will take this game. Some keys to this high intensity game will be, which role player will step up? The pitcher matchup, and which big hitter from each team will come up short? With that said, the community believes it will be a close battle with the Spartans stealing two games from the Butcherz. Game 1: 7-5, Game 2: 10-7.

Week 1 Results Monday, Apr 17 2017


Week 1 Summary:

It was an exciting opening day for CSL Season 10.   The atmosphere was harmonious and brotherly but Softball was on everyone’s mind and some came out to play while some did not.  We saw so many new faces light up the fields on Saturday. 

In terms of results, it was nothing shocking as the defending champs Spartans easily beat the Panthers in both games.  The Butcherz defeated a new and approved All Day team in an exciting two games.  In the other series, the DC and TBirds split two very eventful games.   Game 1 DC won by mercy and Game 2 the Tbirds came back to return the favor and winning via mercy themselves.

Next step is to finalize schedule and get the jersey orders in so we can look professional.  All in all, the CSL is headed into a new direction under the Commander.

Thank you for your support.

Opening Day Tomorrow - April 15, 2017 Saturday, Apr 15 2017
The CSL is back in action starting tomorrow at Eisenhower Park Fields 14, 15, and D. Check Schedule. This season we look to add to the already well established brotherhood. Our prediction for tomorrow is that everyone will have fun and enjoy the weather. The winners will be: Series 1 (Field D): Spartans sweep Panthers. Series 2 (Field 14): ButcherZ sweep All Day. Series 3 (Field 15): DC sweep TBirds.
2017 CSL Panthers Friday, Apr 14 2017

Introducing the 2017 Panthers

Brother Amin and the gang return this year with less expectations than 2016, and a much better roster situation. Brother Amin has hinted retirement after this year and the Panthers will do everything in their might to send him off with a championship if he does choose to hang it up.

Plagued with a depleted roster in 2016, the Panthers never gained any traction, and ended up having one of the worst years in franchise history. While the core has always been among the CSL elites, the Panthers have not been able to develop and discover new talent. This year they come back with their superstar and perennial MVP candidate, Leo, along with CSL stars and veterans Naveed, Shafi, Miguel, Brother Amin, Ahmad Halimi, Raazi, Fatehsher, Mo Hussain, and Shahzad. Panthers are also adding new committed talent this year. Oh and they do have a special surprise as a few legends will be returning to CSL full time donning the Panthers jersey.

The Panthers camp is much more relaxed this year than the years past and expect to put a competitive team on the field each week. With a deep roster and a purpose, the Panthers will have a solid year and hope to peak at the right time, God Willing.

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Team Win Loss
Spartans 3 1
ButcherZ 3 1
Thunderbirds 3 1
Diamond Cutterz 2 2
All Day 1 3
Panthers 0 4
Team Player Avg
Spartans Keith 1
Diamond Cutterz Saeed Sadat 1
Spartans John 1
Diamond Cutterz Manju Shanmuguam 0.8
Thunderbirds Moon 0.8
Panthers Fathesher 0.8
Saturday, Apr 29 2017

Spartans vs  Thunderbirds at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field 15

Thunderbirds vs  Spartans at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field 15

ButcherZ vs  Diamond Cutterz at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field D

Diamond Cutterz vs  ButcherZ at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field D

Panthers vs  All Day at 10:45 AM
  Eisenhower Field 14

All Day vs  Panthers at 12:00 PM
  Eisenhower Field 14
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