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Champs Tuesday, Sep 22 2015

Final Statement Sunday, Sep 20 2015


DC Wins!

9/19/2015, Hicksville NY, Cantiague Park. The Diamond Cutterz make history as they win their first ever CSL Chip. DC soundly swept a powerful Clockwork team on a beautiful Saturday in Hicksville NY. DC won both games with ease as their hitting and defense was on point all day. After the final out was recorded by Hasan, the DC boys jumped for joy and hoisted their beloved captain Salman on their shoulders as he was glowing with joy. No better person deserves a chip than Salman – who is an asset to Crescent Softball since its doors opened last decade. “This one is for all of DC nation. Past and present” said the smiling Salman.

MVP of the Finals was Masoom. His mammoth homers and solid pitching was just too much for their opponents to handle. Sadesh, Faizan, Kunal, Manju, and others contributed in the finals win. Credit should be given to all of DC’s guys as they sacrificed for a championship. All 18 of them were there to make sure this one didn’t get away.
Congratulations to all CSL members on a very successful season. The addition of All Day, as well as brothers like Alex, Noor, Jonathan, etc. really added to the brotherhood that conforms with the mission of Crescent Sports.
Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. I am afraid it's time to say goodbye again (Billy Joel). We look forward to an even better 2016. Have a safe and healthy off season.  Finals footage will be posted soon. 
Eid Mubarak
2015 CSL Finals Saturday, Sep 19 2015


Time: 10:45 am – Cantiague Park, Field D (Best of 3 Games)
Date: Sep 19, 2015 – Saturday
TagLine: Winner Takes All.
This is the moment CSL nation has been waiting for. The final for season 9 is set, and the matchup is drooping with excitement.  DC enjoyed a phenomenal regular season as the number one seed. They faced a serious challenge via the Panthers, but prevailed in three thrilling games. On the other hand, Clockwork faced the rookies All Day, and swept the boys in red. Though they were tested in an emotional second game, the true test comes this Saturday. "
Clockwork have been penned the favorites to win it all from before the season started. Though they started the season slow, they picked up quickly and let the CSL world know not to take them lightly. They have talent all around. They have power, speed, great pitching, and very capable defenders. Junior and Mike have been hitting the long ball for CW all season. David has been a table setter with great speed, and uncanny ability to find gaps in the outfield. Jonathan has done much of the same for the men in black. Their pitcher Ahmad has really developed throughout the season, and is enjoying a terrific season. He could be the X factor.
DC has similar aspirations as their captain Salman has stated that this season is championship or bust. Getting to the finals is a fine feat but the men in navy blue have their eyes set on the ultimate prize. With Raheel steering the ship, DC have assembled a team with good hitters, and a very strong defense. DC has excellent power hitters in Masoom, Kunal, and Faizan. They also have very good overall hitters in Salman, Hassan, Shadesh, Tom, Ahmer, the rest of the crew and perhaps the season 9 MVP Raheel. The key to winning has been how they've adjusted their defense based on the situation on hand; they may have a great 1-10 lineup but let’s not forget how defensively sound they've been.
The finals will feature a lot of drama, emotion, and maybe even some controversy. Both teams will have to keep their emotions in check as the big stage sometimes gets teammates jawing at each other. Now when looking at the matchup both teams have strong hitters so we predict all 3 (yes 3 games) to be in the double digits. The decisive factor will be the defense. Both CW and DC have shown that they have guys in the outfield that can make plays. However, CW’s outfield hasn’t been as tested. The bats of DC will test this outfield to see what they are made of. However, can Ahmad neutralize the bats of DC, or will the OF be running after balls over their head?
Keys To Winning:
Diamond Cutterz:
On Defense: Don’t give good pitches to Mike and Junior. Make them chase.  No Need to play deep, there is a fence. Sure up your left side.   The CW doesn’t go opposite field. 
On Offense: Be patient with Ahmad. He will lose the strike zone. Masoom and Kunal need to adjust to the short fence.  Have faith in your original DC guys…they will come through.
On Defense: Insert speedy outfielders because Masoon, Kunal, and Ahmer will find the gaps. Avoid big innings.   Don’t be afraid to walk some of their heavy hitters. Be ready to make adjustments if needed. Have faith in your pitcher.
On Offense: Must realize that Mike, Junior, et car deep fly ball hitters. That may need to change with short fence.   Don’t look for walks, be aggressive.   Bat only 10 guys. Put your best fielders in LCF, SS, and RCF.  
Will coach Hamdy lead his boys to the promise land like he’s mentioned? Or will Captain Salman rally his troops to their ultimate goal? Be ready for some serious entertainment, some trash talking, and a usual bit of controversy.   We expect all 3 games to be close and offensively focused. Here is our guess:
Game 1: Diamond Cutterz 16, Clockwork 14 (Extra Innings)
Game 2: Clockwork 18, Diamond Cutterz 12
Game 3: Diamond Cutterz 12, Clockwork 10
The DC Boyz will help Salman lift his first CSL cup
Interview With Hamdy - Captain Of CW Thursday, Sep 17 2015


1. What are your overall thoughts on this season? It was a nice comeback after being out last season. Tell us how you assembled this team?
Any type of Crescent league is a league I want to be a part of. It is no surprise that when I was asked to bring a team again that I was tempted to do so in such limited time in efforts of keeping the Crescent name strong. Consistency is the only thing that works in life, more so it is a reality in softball as you are required to field 10-11 guys weekly. I assembled a team and thankfully hammered out the kinks the first few weeks and turned it into a championship caliber team. Now let's prove it.
2. Are you surprised that you are in the finals?   Did your team think that you had enough talent to get here? What are some of the key factors that got you here?
Surprised? No! I wouldn't dedicate my 12-16 Saturday's driving up to Long Island from the city loading up my SUV with players if I felt it would be anything less than a championship that was required in the fine print when they joined my team. Some of the key factors for me and have always been my team’s upmost respect for their manager and his daily lineups and defensive adjustments. It's a system of trust and it starts from the top.
3. If you can pick any sports professional team that your team emulates -- who would that be and why?
The Patriots may be of the wrong sport but their attitude is that of Clockwork. We don't worry about the current week’s opponent, come out and mash the ball limit the mistakes on defense and continue mashing the ball until the opponent can take it no longer.
4. What is the game plan this Saturday? What is your overall thought about your opponent? Any particular defensive schemes? Will you bat 10?
It's funny the game plan question always comes up as if I have the secret potion to success. DC ended the season in first place and rightfully so they are to be considered the most dangerous team for that. It will be a battle with many similar traits from both sides in attitude and confidence. DC has been a staple in crescent sports for years now and many know how much they want this more than ever. This will be one of the greatest finals in crescent history as these two young teams will face their most crucial challenge of the year. 
5. Playing in Cantiague will present a different feel, as the field is smaller and if you hit too many over the fence, it may result into an out. Can your boppers like Mike, Junior, etc play small ball if they have to?
Having a World Series outside of Eisenhower Park should make this interesting as both teams have no prior home field advantage. If you have made it to the finals I expect this much; the ability to adapt and change on the go. So change of field and atmosphere are the last of my worries, a well energized and upbeat team with a full stomach Saturday morning prepared to battle is my concern.
Interview With Salman - Captain Of DC Wednesday, Sep 16 2015

1. How was it managing/assembling the team from 3000+ miles away? How much input did you really have? Or did Raheel do everything?

It was honestly very hard and would have been impossible if I didn’t have Raheel on the team. The key to being 1645 miles away and managing a team is a ton of phone calls, thousands of texts, being on the crescent site all the time for scouting and analysis. I talk/text Raheel more than I talk to my wife, wait.. I don’t have a wife.

Raheel has done a whole lot in managing DC, we work together literally on everything, even when we don’t agree on something, we come to a common ground, somewhere in the middle. Though he does a lot, you can say he doesn’t do everything. I definitely have a lot of say and at the end of the day get the final call at the end of the day. Any of DC’s success shouldn’t only be attributed to me as a leader but more to Raheel for his physical, mental and emotional efforts. The key to everything was collaboration, cooperation and selflessness, something Raheel doesn’t get enough credit for from all the haters in the league.

In addition, a big shout out to our General Manager Protik, who many of you have seen on DC’s dugout, talking a lot and always cheering and cracking jokes. He has attended 85% of our games and has helped us with managing the book, the fees and, made sure to put people in their place when needed.

2. Are you surprised that you are in the finals? Did your team think that you had enough talent to get here? What are some of the key factors that got you here?

I am definitely not surprised at being in the finals. That’s been the plan since before the season started. I bought on Raheel because I believed he had the championship formula to help DC get to the next level. The key factors that helped us get here are the bottom half of the lineup and the big names you don’t hear every day such as; Usman, Ahmer, Jenise, Hasan, Shadesh, Tom, Imran. These guys are used to being the core of the team but took a back seat to the bigger name brands. They never complained, always came prepared to every game, and even when they weren’t playing, they did the intangibles like coach, books, and analysis. All these guys came up huge in the playoffs and towards the end of the regular season. In addition having veteran leaders like Nabil, Masoom and Faizan, has helped the younger guys learn the game, build confidence and get a solid feel for the game. The biggest thing was this team stuck together like a family and picked each other up when needed.

3. We noticed your team added some boppers this season. This appears to goes against DC's usual players who don't have the ringer type of label. Are you getting away from the type of talent that made you loveable because this season seems it is all about winning? Please elaborate.

Right before the season started I had accepted a job offer in Dallas and knew I needed a whole lot of help. I brought on Raheel who has helped attract some of these boppers. Though this is not the norm of our history, it is something that was needed. Fact is we’re back in the finals after 4 years and that was the ultimate goal of every individual on this team. We are not going away from our usual formula, the plan is to sport a competitive team every year and this is how we started. We didn’t kick anyone off the team, as you can see most of DC’s team is still here, we just added some guys that can help us get to the next level. We plan to use this model moving forward.

4. What is the game plan this Saturday? What is your overall thought about your opponent? Any particular defensive schemes? Will you bat 10?

Our game plan this Saturday is to play better than we did last Saturday; play sharp defense, get solid hits, stick together and stay focused. We believe we are playing the best team in the league and we know we have to bring it all. The only issue is both teams have not played each other since the first games of the season in which we split; This may end up being the best series in CSL history. Our defensive scheme is to have the best defense out there and to make the routine plays, hit the cut offs force them to hit in the ground. We may not go with a ten man lineup because we have some solid bats all around .

5. Playing in Cantiague will present a different feel. Is your team equipped to handle the change in venue?

Yes it definitely will present a different feel but hey this is the finals! We will come ready and prepared. Cantiauge is a great park and a good venue for the finals. A big shout out to the CSL administration for the countless time and effort they put in to make this league move forward.


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Diamond Cutterz Haaris Din 1
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