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Season 2021 - Week 7 Results Saturday, May 15 2021

Week 7 Results

Yankees & ButcherZ split

Game 1: 10-6 Yankees

Game 2: 18-4 ButcherZ

Flying Dutchmen sweep Warriors

Game 1: 20-6 Flying Dutchmen

Game 2: 23-5 Flying Dutchmen

Spartans sweep Demolition

Game 1: 17-5 Spartans

Game 2: 26-14 Spartans

Wildcats sweep Hustlers

Game 1: 22-14 Wildcats

Game 2: 19-8 Wildcats


Season 2021 - Week 7 Previews Friday, May 14 2021


Week 7 Previews

First off, from our families to your's, Eid Mubarak! 

Well folks we are in Week 7 and the time has come to separate the pretenders from the contenders.  So far the Spartans are the surprise of the year! Kudos to Captain Mike.

Let's check out the predictions for week 7:


ButcherZ vs. Yankees at Eisenhower Field D at 8:00 am:  Based on prior results, it appears the Butchers are in for a long day because the Yankees are pissed off!  And they will take their anger out on the Butchers.  For the Yankees, the issue is focus.  They seem to be too relaxed and let opponents hang around long enough until they lose. However this week the Yankees will put it together and sweep soundly.

Prediction: G1, Yankees 16 ButcherZ 7.  G2, Yankees 14 ButcherZ 6


Demolition vs. Spartans at Eisenhower Field 15 at 10:30 am:  Two teams are seemingly playing similar in the past few weeks. Therefore, this will be the series of the week. Captain Adeel has set up the defense nicely.  The offense needs some consistency as each week they seem to score big runs then go in droughts.   Can this be the week they put it all together? Meanwhile Captain Mike, a candidate for manager of the year has surprised many with his team's success thus far.  Simply put, the Spartans are officially a team to reckon with led by MVP candidate Danny and Merbin's strong pitching. Our experts are envisioning a Split!

Prediction: G1, Spartans 16 Demolition 7.  G2, Demolition 11 Spartans 5


Warriors vs. Flying Dutchmen at Eisenhower Park Field D at 10:30 am:  Let's face the facts.   The Warriors were a good news story until they took on some real talent which resulted into sweeps after sweeps. This week the sweep will continue versus the high Flying Dutchmen (FD).  The FD are simply too strong and too deep for the Warriors to hang.  If the Warriors have any chance, they need to win Game 1.  Otherwise its open season for FD.

Prediction: G1, FD 14, Warriors 7, G2, FD 16, Warriors 4


Wildcats vs. Hustlers at Eisenhower Park Field 14 at 10:30 am:  Another week, another unfavorable prediction for the lowly but loveable Hustlers as they face the champs who are streaking at the right direction.  Captain Lefty has the boys wheeling and dealing both on offense and defense.  The team is balanced and primed for the playoffs.  The Hustlers are very motivated, have the talent and come to play each week but have a steep hill to climb this week against the defending champs.  

Prediction: G1, Wildcats 20, Hustlers 4.  G2, Wildcats 16, Hustlers 2
More News
Team Win Loss
Flying Dutchmen 11 3
Wildcats 11 3
Yankees 9 4
Spartans 8 5
ButcherZ 6 8
Demolition 5 9
Warriors 4 10
Hustlers 1 13
Team Player Avg
Warriors Luis Leyton 1
Spartans Luigi Cardillo 1
Wildcats Mike Naut 0.875
Demolition Milan Patel* 0.786
Demolition Hamza Naveed (Sunny)* 0.778
Flying Dutchmen Dan Dilorio 0.743
Saturday, May 22 2021

Hustlers vs  Warriors at 10:30 am
  Eisenhower Field D

Warriors vs  Hustlers at 11:45 am
  Eisenhower Field D

Demolition vs  Yankees at 10:30 am
  Eisenhower Field 14

Yankees vs  Demolition at 11:45 am
  Eisenhower Field 14

ButcherZ vs  Spartans at 8:00 am
  Eisenhower Field D

Spartans vs  ButcherZ at 9:15 am
  Eisenhower Field D

Flying Dutchmen vs  Wildcats at 10:30 am
  Eisenhower Field 15

Wildcats vs  Flying Dutchmen at 11:45 am
  Eisenhower Field 15
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