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Semifinals Update - TBirds Punch Their Ticket, Canes Panthers Wait.. Sunday, Sep 14 2014


Series 1: Thunderbirds shock a Bandits team in two games to advance to the finals.  TBirds showed true grit that helped them prevail to the Championship Series..  Down 15-7 in the 6th inning they chipped away to make it 15-10 going into the bottom of the 7th.  Their leadoff hitter Zain, who had a monster 10-11 day hitting wise, led off w a huge single.  Farooq followed w a walk and Osi single to load up the bases.  After several more scorching line drive hits from the heart of their lineup the score was suddenly knotted at 15 in the blink of an eye.  In an instant classic, with the bases loaded, clean up hitter Pat smoked a game ending line drive to seal the Bandits fate in Game 1. 16-15 TBIRDS.

Game 2 TBirds jumped on a broken Bandits squad 6-0 early.  Bandits made several uncharacteristic mistakes.  Perhaps it was the pressure of being 18-0 or just plain jitters they were being outplayed througly.  But to their credit Jr, Pops and several others hit several shots and never gave up.  Thanks some HR power by Jr Mike and a 3 run blast from Boomer they were only down 2 in the bottom of 6th.  With runners at 1B and 3B and only 1 out perhaps the play of the series occured.  Bandits hit a deep fly ball which was caught by TBirds Captain Waqas in RCF, and he made an incredible throw to home plate on the fly that was caught by co-cap Farooq and he was able to lay the tag down to gun out Pops at home plate.  The catch em out and throw em out Double Play was the momentum changer! TBirds tacked on another run in the top of the 7th and a nifty double play by Pat and Abir was turned to end the series and stamp an incredible first round upset by Tbirds!


Series 2: Hurricanes vs. Panthers.  Rained Out.  Will be played Sat Sept 20th.

Finals/Awards/BBQ will be delayed to either Sept 21 or another date. Stay tuned...


Thunderbirds Vs. Bandits Friday, Sep 12 2014


Series 1: Thunderbirds vs. Bandits
Time & Date: 10:15 am, September 13, 2014,
Place: Eisenhower, Field 1
Tag Line: Enemies in Softball
Match-up: There is nothing that can be written on this preview that will reveal the true intensity these two teams will bring on Saturday. Simply put, they HATE each other on the softball field. Last season they were one team and won the CHIP. That was then and this is now…the Thunderbirds (with former Bandits Ozzie, Farooq, Waqas, and AR) have a huge challenge in front of them – which is to knock off the perfect record Bandits who now have secured Hashim, Parwez, and a few others to qualify for the playoffs.   Captain Pops (probable Captain of the Year) will take his perfect record and devise a game plan to beat his old buddies. Both of these teams have good softball IQ and will be ready to put their best foot forward. The Thunderbirds have a few holes on defense but will make adjustments as needed. The Bandits were perfect so their weakness’ has yet to surface.
Keys to Win: As reported, last week the Thunderbirds must shore up their defense if they want to win. There are holes in Right Field, Pitching, and at 2B. They are hitting fine but they have never faced a guy like Yasar – which could be a bit tricky. The Thunderbirds have to find a way to stop Hashim and Junior. These two can change the game in a hurry. Meanwhile the Bandits are solid in every position. With Hashim in the infield, Pops manning CF, and Yasar at the mound, their up the middle defense will be a vacuum. The keys for them are to contain the base running of the Thunderbirds and exploit the Birds defense. Riz could be deceptive as a pitcher but his lack of softball IQ could be exploited. And believe us the Bandits will do their homework on each Bird.  

Prediction: If we go by past performances, the community predicts this series going to 3 games. The TBirds will game 1 by a squeaker due to good defense and timely hitting. Game 1 score: TBirds 9, Bandits 6. Game 2: The Bandits offense will wake up and tag the TBirds defense with a lot of runs and win by a score of 18-7. Game 3: The TBirds will keep it close until the 5th inning when the Bandits will generate multiple runs due to shoddy defense of TBirds and seal the win going away by a score of 13-7.

Panthers Vs. Hurricanes Preview Thursday, Sep 11 2014


Series 2: Panthers vs. Hurricanes

Time & Date: 2:15 pm, September 13, 2014,
Place: Eisenhower, Field 1
Tag Line: Softball Specialists versus Mind over Matter
Match-up: Alisher, Captain of Team Hurricanes continues to play mind games. He is the longest tenured coach in CSL history – yet each season around playoff time, he tries to give his team the mental edge by his tactics such as not updating the stats until the last second or questioning the rules which were set in place. In short, this dude will do anything to win. This Saturday he and his Hurricanes will roll into Eisenhower and take on the very efficient and talented ball players called the Panthers. Captain Amin has done a superb job motivating his guys and keeping the balance all season. The community expects this to be a back and forth battle with multiple lead changes and great defensive plays.
Keys to Win: The Panthers have to get more out of Leo on the offensive side. If he can be the Leo of old, this team is poised for success. Meanwhile Junior, Alex, Fathesher all look like they are in mid-season form. Shafi needs to continue his strong hitting and hold down the fort at 1B. For the Hurricanes, it comes down to executing. They have the talent with Ramy, Nadeem, Noor, Adnan, and Naveed. Simply put, their starters have no weak spots. So if they can play up to their potential, they should win the series. 
Prediction: The community sees this series going to 3 games with the Panthers winning Game 1 with Leo’s help by a score of 12-9. Game 2: The Hurricanes will take it mainly due to infield errors by a score of 14-11. Game 3 will be a very intense game with many lead changes and nice plays. Both teams will hold it down until the late innings when the Hurricanes will ice it due to their experience. Score prediction: Hurricanes 9, Panthers 6.


Final Four Set: TBirds And Panthers Advance Wednesday, Sep 10 2014


Semis are set:



In the first series of the day TBirds squeak by the upstart DC squad in a tightly contested first game.  A huge diving catch by Osi in the bottom of the 7th and some timely hits by Farooq were the difference maker in Game 1.  Game 2 TBirds took care of business and Mercy Ruled for a 21-9 win.


In the late games Panthers got great fight from Butcherz as well in Game 1.  The result of a timely FatehSher HR finally put Panthers on top and they edged out a hard fought victory.  Game 2 ended much the way Tbirds/DC ended a Mercy Rule for Panthers.  Saturdays theme seemed to be win Game 1 and deflate other team for easy Game 2 W. 


Both DC and Butcherz fought hard this year, and with a couple of additions next season look for them to make some serious noise.  Now we have the Final 4 set, comprimisng of what everyone thought were the top 4 teams entire season.  This should be a classic weekend at Crescent!

Can Bandits Cap Off A Historic Season? Wednesday, Sep 10 2014

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Bandits 18 0
Hurricanes 11 7
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Panthers 10 10
Diamond Cuttaz 5 13
Butcherz 4 18
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Bandits Hash 0.929
Bandits BOSCH KHAN 0.926
Bandits Mike T... 0.88
Hurricanes Moiz Siddiqi 0.857
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