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The 2016 CSL Champions Are SPARTANS! Sunday, Sep 18 2016

We congratulate Spartans for winning the 2016 CSL championship. 

Another successful season of CSL in the books.  We look forward to the 2017 season.  If you're interested in joining the league as a player or want to bring a team, drop us a note!

The Final Preview Friday, Sep 16 2016


The Time: 10:30AM

The Date: September 17, 2016

The Place:  Eisenhower Field 1

The Match-up:  #1 Spartans vs. #2 ButcherZ

The Tag Line:  For the Season 9 CUP


The Story:

The first pitch of the ninth CSL Finals is less than 24 hours away.  The group chat talk seems to have subsided along with the sarcasm and schedule complaints.  This means the focus is strictly on the games. Both captains have made their preparation and appear very confident.  Captain Junior said his team is pumped and will represent well on Saturday.  Meanwhile Captain Mo says his guys can’t wait to take the field.  The ButcherZ have their knives sharpened despite Eid being over. 

So let's get to the all important preview for the CSL followers:

Both teams are coming into the finals on a high note which includes sweeps in the semis.  They are clicking on cylinders.  The key to their success has been solid defense up the middle and timely hitting from top to bottom.  Needless to say, these two are the best defensive teams in Season 9.

Keys to winning:


The ButcherZ need to continue their solid play on both sides of the plate.  On offense, they need balanced hitting and patience because the Spartans defense will not make too many errors.  The ButcherZ should stay within their roles and not try to do too much, as they are playing a much tougher opponent.  The top of the line up must keep the pressure on all the time and be aggressive on the base pads.  Meanwhile, Mike, Chris, and Pete should take what the defense gives them.   Do not play to the Spartans strengths.  A single may not be such a bad idea to keep the inning going.  It will be the Captain’s job to make the in game adjustments.  On defense, the ButcherZ need to shore up the right side of their field as the Spartans will find the weakness.  Ryan has done a superb job with the high arc and he should continue that to keep the Spartans off balance. They must not let the Spartans have a big inning.


The Spartans success on offense is largely due to their ability to play small and deep ball.  With Pops and Noor setting the tables with small ball and Mike and Junior with the heavy bats, their offense can beat you in many ways.  Abdullah, Jaime, and Jonathan can play any type of ball.  Therefore, the Spartans on offense should be fine but they need to stay within their games.  They shouldn’t expect walks because the ButcerZ just don’t give free bases.  Captain Junior says he has the best IQ so he needs to be ready to make adjustments on defense if he sees the ButcherZ exploiting a particular side.   Another important key is keeping his team in check and limit the bickering.

Here is a head to head comparison.

OUTFIELD: The ButcherZ have the edge with Pete and Mike.  These two can track any ball and always hit the cut off.  Meanwhile, Jonathen and Junior are solid with their arms but the ButcherZ are slightly better overall.

INFIELD: We see Spartans with the edge here with Junior, Mike, and Abdullah.  The ButcherZ rights side is average at best. 

PITCHING: We call this even.  The ButcherZ pitcher Ryan -- his high Arch and precision is very effective.  The Spartans pitcher (Yasar or Jaime) are very good as well but.  While Ryan has been on his game lately, the Spartans pitchers can play D with high IQ.

BENCH: Spartans get the edge with their deep bench. 

PREDICTION:  This one is tough to call.  The community is picking the Spartans because they have power, speed, and IQ.  Overall, we feel the Spartans have not played to their level despite clinching the best record this season.  They have an abundance of talent at each position.  It is scary if you look at their roster from top to bottom. The ButcherZ are still inexperienced and may have some testy nerves as they enter this huge game.   Although the ButcherZ come in as the hottest team, the CSL community sees the Spartans win via sweep in two close games.  Come this Saturday, the past will be history and the present will decide a new champion in our beloved CSL.

The series will go two games and the Spartans will call themselves Season 9 CHAMPS!  The MVP wil be Mike P.

Five Final Questions - Spartans Captain Thursday, Sep 15 2016

1 - Tell us the mood in Spartans Camp?  Spartans camp is in a great mood.  We are in playoff mode.  The baseball field is our Arena and we are destroying all would be competitors.  Especially after taking a few weeks off due to being the number one seed, we were able to recuperate and be fresh for the playoffs.  Lot of guys have been playing through injuries.  We had a bit of a controversy heading into our semi-finals match-up, a lot of trash talking by our opponent.  But as a veteran with a level head I let the opponent do all the talking.  Some of our players felt a need to react and reply but for the most part Spartans let their play do the talking.  Semi's match up did not have me worried at all, our opponent was all smoke and mirrors.  We built a team to win this year and a part time team with part time players was not going to beat us in the semis....on to the next one.

Are you surprised your team is in the finals?  Of course not, I didn't put a team in not to make it to the finals.  You play to win the game... at least I do.

What was the biggest challenge(s) during the season?  Dealing with some injuries, we had 2 guys leave with season ending injuries.  We had one of our better hitters out with another injury but he's back now and ready for the the play off hunt.  But we were able to keep going due to having a solid core of players and substitutes on our roster.  Also dealing with everyone's schedules, Saturdays in the summer you know a lot of people plan vacations and weekends away.

2 - What do you think is the key to success in CSL?  The key to success in CSL is to stay away from all the drama.  Trash talking is OK, but all this unnecessary extra "stuff" is just annoying.  Also finding a bunch of guys who are committed and willing to sacrifice for the TEAM first mentality.  We play defense and our offense shines.

You have been in this league for 3 seasons, what makes your style better?  Not sure my style is better, but it helps when you know the game and can still play the game at a high level.  Guys tend to respect you more and listen to you more when you can step into their role and show them that they are not the only person that can play that position.  I've played in almost every position at some point this season(Pitching, first, second, third, catcher, outfield, bench...etc.).  I also let guys play a position they have not played before or wanted to play before so they know what it's like to see the game from another players POV.  A lot times guys make an error and hear it from their teammates.  But when you've had the opportunity to play the same spot you tend to become more understanding of why that error occurred, cause it could have happened to you being out there. 

What was your overall experience as managing a team?  My overall experience was good.

What are some good points and bad points?  Good points we have some great players in this league not just on the field but off the field.  We were able to make new friends and bonds with some new players on Spartans and some other players you run into during the course of the games from other teams.  Another good point is I have a bunch of guys who can all be and MVP on other teams and some of them sacrificed stats for the benefit of the team.  Bad points weren't too many.  Let me see besides a few arguments among ourselves that were quickly resolved there weren't many bad points on the team.  Most of the bad points are league issues, such as inconsistent umpiring, inconsistent game time and start time, roster tinkering, forfeits, but hopefully all of these will be addressed again for next season.  

3 - Tell us about your opponent.  What is your impression of their offense and defense?  Well we had the privilege of playing them week one and swept them both games.  So we got to see them from start to finish.  First game was close and second game we figured them out and went on to an easy victory.  But I recall telling a few guys these guys came ready to play this year the league is in for some trouble.  Since then they have added several key players and made their team even stronger defensively and on the offense. 

Are you surprised they made it to the finals?  No not at all especially after our 2nd match up during the season when we saw their new and improved roster.  Where they returned the favor and swept us.

What are some things the two teams have in common? We both play defense and have good offenses.  Both teams like to have fun and show up for every game.  I believe we were the only 2 teams to not have forfeits.

4 - Let's talk about your team.  Who is the person that comes to mind when the following question is asked:

 A - Best defender- Jonathan V best defender in the league from the outfield can throw anyone out.  Don't run on him guys he will gun you down (that's a warning not a threat, some guys like to misconstrue words and use them against you)

B - Most improved from start to finish-Sammy he played a new position this year 3rd base and filled in at 2nd

C - The guy that kept everyone loose- Pops all you have to do is look at him and you can't stay serious.

D - The MVP of the Team-Not sure its tough we got guys that put up big numbers but its a toss up between Mike and Jr A

E - The one with the highest IQ- The Captain of course

F - The biggest headache - Pops he would sometimes be late cause he has to get a mani/pedi every weekend before game time.

5 - What is the game plan vs. the ButcherZ?  Same game plan against every team just play let our game do the talking.

Any bold predictions?  

Should be a good series with advantage going to the team that can get the timely hits.  Defenses will be tested.  I see 3 game series.

Five Finals Questions - ButcherZ Captain Wednesday, Sep 14 2016

1 - Tell us the mood in ButcerZ Camp?  Are you surprised your team is in the finals after 3 seasons?  What makes this team special from prior seasons?  Does losing make winning feel that much better?  Please elaborate.

MR: The mood in slaughter house is overwhelmed with excitement and joy. I always felt the team had what it takes to win but lacked that special click needed. This season we acquired some key players and manage to make the right plays and get those important hits we were lacking passed. As for winning everyone wants to win and yes it feels great. Losing the pass season wasn't fun. Winning this season and with this bunch of guys made it so much more exciting and still kept that electrifying feeling week after week.

2 - Did you change your management style this season or is the talent that much better?  What do you attribute the team's success?

MR: I kept the same mindset and strategies and yes the talent is much better. The success come from the great defense week after week keeping us in the game to allow the offense to produce.

3 - Tell us about your opponent.  What is your impression of their offense and defense?  Are you surprised they made it to the finals?  What are some things the two teams have in common?

MR: Spartans are an awesome bunch of guys playing extremely well from the start of the season. Both their offense and defense is great and Not surprise at all they made it this far.   The two teams are similar with offense and defense no doubt.

4 - Let's talk about your team.  Who is the person that comes to mind when the following question is asked:

    A - Best Defender:  Ray

    B - Most improved from start to finish: Ryan

    C - The guy that kept everyone loose: Navesh and Desh

    D - The MVP of the Team: Ray and Ryan

    E - The one with the highest IQ: Ray and Chris

    F - The biggest headache: NONE

5 - What is the game plan vs. the Spartans?  Any bold predictions?

MR: Take the field and play ball. Keep the game within range and stay focused. I think this will go to 3 games and low scoring.

Finals Set Tuesday, Sep 13 2016

Your 2016 - Season 9 Finals:

Spartans vs. ButcherZ


After an impressive perfornace in the semis, the Spartans and ButcherZ will square off this Saturday at Field D at Eisenhower Park to decide on a new champion. The road for these two teams had some challenges but at the end these two teams proved they are indeed the best two to compete in the grandest stage.  Congratulations to Captain Junior of Spartans and Captain Mo of the ButcherZ for achieving a finals clincher.

Stay tuned for Finals Coverage, CSL Style.

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