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Round 1 Recap Tuesday, Sep 1 2015


All Day vs. Thunderbirds
We all know the results by now. All Day made history by becoming the first team in CSL history to win more playoff games than regular season games as evident by their shocking takedown of last season’s finalists team the TBirds.  Game 1, All Day got exceptional hitting from Saleem, Ed, and the rest of their young guns. They jumped out to an early lead but the TBirds tied it and the game went into extra innings where both pitchers matched each other in a high stakes. After the TBirds took a lead, All Day came back and won it in walk off fashion. Game 2, The Tbirds soundly defeated All Day due to excellent hitting from Waqas and Noor. This set the stage for a winner take all game. Game 3, the TBirds jumped off to a lead but the All Day squad chipped away and took the lead themselves. Due to their excellent defense and timely hitting and exceptional pitching, All Day held on for a 3 run win over the TBirds which resulted into a series win and shocking CSL Nation. They will now face the Clockwork for the rights to go the CSL Season 9 finals. Congratulations to All Day!  
Butcherz vs. Panthers
With the Panthers arriving seconds ahead of a potential forfeit loss, their team of only 8 battled versus the Butcherz and prevailed due to the excellent hitting of Fatesher, Shafi, and Alex. Game 2 was more of the same as both teams battled back and forth and once again the Panthers won, Which means they now will move on to face the Diamond Cutterz in the semis. 
All Day Makes History Sunday, Aug 30 2015


Team All Day celebrating their first playoff win by beating the Thunderbirds!

Final 4 Set Saturday, Aug 29 2015
All Day and Panthers advance. Semis Set - Sept 12.
Playoff Previews Friday, Aug 28 2015

Series 1 -- Panthers vs Butcherz

Time: 10:45 am – Field 1 (3 Games)
Date: Aug 29, 2015 – Saturday
TagLine: The cleaver is sharpened.
Our other matchup of the first round features two teams with similar records; the middle packed teams, The Panthers and The Butcherz. In recent news we've been told that these teams already hate each other and are already jawing off whenever they run into each other off the field. Brother Amin is already looking into the next round as he thinks the panthers will easily move on. When asked what's in store for stayed has BBQ, Brother Mohamed and Special K of the Butcherz simple said "panther meat with panther bones on the side"
From the looks and sounds of it, this may be one of the best matchups in CSL playoff history. Both teams comes in with similar records, both teams feature a shaky defense but excellent hitting, both teams have age and youth and lastly, both teams got big mouths and lots of energy. We are hoping this can be the series we hope for, but that will depend on which panthers team show up. Panthers do bring more experience and solid veterans like Leo and Shafi. If both guys can be local, have the panthers convert the easy plays, hit line drives, they can take this series. The Butcherz biggest key will be their defensive maturity, they need to make the right plays, hit cut off man everytime and not throw be ball around.
When looking at our leagues history, only about 15% of series go to 3 games. We expect this matchup to add to that number. As mentioned earlier, we expect this to be one hell of a matchup. We expect high scores. A ton of noise, trash talk and maybe even some blood!
Game 1: Butcherz 19, Panthers 15
Game 2: Panthers 21, Butcherz 12
Game 3: Butcherz 14, Panthers 10
Butcherz will grill the panthers this weekend and move on to win their first ever CSL payoff series.
Series 2 – Thunderbirds vs. All Day
Time: 10:45 am – Field 2 (3 Games)
Date: Aug 29, 2015 – Saturday
TagLine: Newbies vs. Oldies
This is a very exciting matchup as team All Day plays its first playoff games of their history. Meanwhile on the other side of town we have the veteran birds who are looking to make the games quick to avoid the joint/muscle pains the next day. Though All Day was in the bottom of the standings, they firmly believe they will upset. Captain Aqib and crew has been seen practicing in the cages during the week and rumor has it they have goals of sending Farooq into early retirement. Members of the Birds on the other hand have been heard saying things such has "Looking forward to batting practice on Saturday against All Day".
With that being said let's look into the teams starting with the under dogs, All Day. This team comes in with a ton of youth, athleticism, speed, rowdiness and simple hitters. Their biggest focus needs to be be defensive end and holding down the long ball, hitting the cut off and stay consistent with hitting. The old birds though they bring experience. Very solid hitting and a sound defensive line. If the birds can play their game, not relax and keep their guard up, we might see a nice sweep.
Though the birds have the way better lineup on paper, we don't expect this to be a blowout. We expect this game to be low scoring with good defensive stops from both teams.
Community Predictions: the Birds will handle business and give All Day something to think about in the off season.
Game1: Birds 12, All Day 8
Game 2: Birds 17, All Day 9
Award Candidates Wednesday, Aug 26 2015

Season 9 Award Candidates:

Raheel, DC
Waqas, TBirds
Junior, CW
Leo, Panthers
Best Coach:
Salman, DC
Farooq, Tbirds
Mo, Butcherz
Hamdy, CW
Mo, Butcherz
Noor, Tbirds
Aqib, All Day
Shafi, Panthers

All Awards will be reviewed and voted by Captains and presented at the All Star Game on Sept 19, 2015.  Captains can nominate additional players.


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Team Win Loss
Diamond Cutterz 18 4
Clockwork 16 6
Thunderbirds 16 6
Panthers 7 13
Butcherz 6 16
All Day 1 19
Team Player Avg
Panthers Omar Sofizada 1
Diamond Cutterz Haaris Din 1
Diamond Cutterz Kunal Sra 0.92
Diamond Cutterz Raheel Nadim 0.797
Clockwork Johnathan 0.796
Clockwork Juju 0.786
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