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Ramadan Mubarak! Thursday, Jun 26 2014

Ramadhan Mubarak to everyone! -- May Allah forgive our sins and re-energize our Imaan for another year. Ameen!

Week 7 Results - Sweep City Monday, Jun 23 2014


Week 7 Recaps:
Series 1: Bandits vs. Butcherz
Game 1: The Bandits jumped ahead to an early lead but the Butcherz battle back with a 10 run inning to cut the lead to 4 but the Bandits held on to win.
Game 2: The Butcherz started off hot but ultimately succumbed to the Bandits offense and were swept. With this sweep, the Bandits remain perfect at 12-0.
Series 2: Thunderbirds vs. DC
Game 1: Both teams added new players ahead of the deadline. Thunderbirds brought on the offense led by Waqas and defeated DC. 
Game 2: DC played strong but could not overcome the Thunderbirds offense. Thunderbirds have an impressive offensive day led by Junior, Waqas, and Pat and sweep DC to send a message to CSL that they are for real. Thunderbirds sit at 500.
Series 3: Panthers vs. Hurricanes
Game 1: Panthers were short and the results showed as the Hurricanes destroyed them to continue with their streak.
Game 2: More of the same as the Hurricanes took care of business and swept the undermanned Panthers and continue on their streak as of late by winning 7 of 8. 
Week 7 Predictions And Previews - Season At Midway Wednesday, Jun 18 2014


Week 7 Previews and Predictions:
Series 1: Butcherz vs. Bandits, 11:00 am at Eisenhower Field 1
The Butcherz picked up their first win via forfeit last week and were almost able to sweep the Hurricanes. All in all it was a positive day for the upstart Butcherz led by Captain Moe. This week’s match-up versus Bandits will be tough as the Bandits have been shellacking the ball lately with the likes of Junior and Mike. And if you didn’t notice, they have yet to be defeated. The community sees the Bandits sweeping the Butcherz comfortably. Score Prediction: Game 1: Bandits 18, Butchers 10. Game 2: Bandits 14, Butcherz 10. As we continue to report, the Butcherz have the talent on the offensive side, but their lack of outfield defense and overall organized structure falters them at times.
Series 2: Diamond Cuttaz vs. Thunderbirds, 2:00 pm at Eisenhower Field 1
Two very similar teams trying to make a name for them in the latest CSL season. Both teams have a lot of promising players such as Ozzie and Omar for Thunderbirds and David, Manju, and Usman for DC. Considering the circumstances, their records are exactly what was predicted during the preseason – at around 500. Their first series in week 2 was split. Offenses are solid for these two but there are holes in the D. This series we expect similar results where the offense will be lively for both squads and the defense will allow big innings. The Thunderbirds have historically have just collapsed in one inning of each of their losses. Hopefully Captain Waqas can make the adjustment. The community sees this series as a split. Score Prediction: Game 1: Thunderbirds 14, DC 10. Game 2: DC 12, Thunderbirds 7. 
Series 3: Hurricanes vs. Panthers, 5:00 pm at Eisenhower Field 1
The Hurricanes are slowly inching up the standings. It is well known that Alisher is getting his superstar players qualified to make a run down the stretch. The Panthers have played consistent ball all season. With the addition of Leo, Alex, and Miguel this team is now legit and arguably can beat anyone. This contest we expect two good teams fighting for the no. 2 spot. The scores will be average and the defense will be superb.   The community sees this as a split in a pitcher’s duel. Score Prediction: Game 1: Panthers 8, Hurricanes 6. Game 2: Hurricanes 10, Panthers 8.
Week 6, Game Previews And Predictions Thursday, Jun 12 2014


Series 1: Bandits vs Thunderbirds, 11:00 am, Field 1 @ Eisenhower Park



This is a rematch from Week 3, when Bandits swept the T-Birds in a closely contested game till the final innings.  However T-Brids are promising a much different roster and lineup from their last matchup.  We should be in a for a classic series as Tbirds want revenge from the sweep a few weeks ago.

The Community predicts a split: Game 1 to Bandits by score of 11-9,Game 2 to TBrids by score of 16-6


Series 2, Panthers vs DC, 2:00 pm, Field 1 @ Eisenhower Park



This is a rematch from Week 3 as well.  These are two pretty evenly matched teams.  With the edge going to Panthers because of experience and the great play of Leo and The DRs to date.  With that extra edge we look for big things from Panthers and the Captain Amin, a Crescent mainstay.

The Community predicts a sweep by the Panthers as DC attendance issues continue. Game 1 to Panthers by score of 15-4. Game 2 to Panthers by score of 16-8.


Series 3: Hurricanes vs Butcherz, 5:00 pm @ Eisenhower Park Field 1



This is sweeps week as the Butcherz although a decent club is learning the Crescent Softball League the hard way. Enduring tough matches and sweeps by the more experienced clubs. Butcherz have good hitters but must tighten up their defense in order to compete with more experienced clubs.

The Community predicts a sweep by Hurricanes by score of 21-8 in game 1. Game 2 to Hurricanes by score of 16-4.

Week 5, Game Previews And Predictions Tuesday, Jun 3 2014


Series 1: Bandits vs Panthers, 11:00 am, Field 1 @ Eisenhower Park



This is no doubt this is the game of the week as these two teams are considered so much alike.  This will be their first match-up of the season and we expect an offensive battle.
Both teams have solid defense with Leo for the Panthers and Junior and Mike P leading the efforts for the Bandits. However, this series will most likely be decided by the offensive outcome rather than defense. With new addition Dure, Nilton, Leo and Abu Shuaib on the Panthers this team's got the offensive juggernaut to defeat anyone.

The community predicts a split.  Game 1 will goe in the Panthers favor by a score of 21-19.  Game 2 will be won by the Bandits by a score of 17-14.


Series 2, Diamond Cuttaz vs Butcherz, 2:00 pm, Field 1 @ Eisenhower Park

This matchup should've happened at the beginning of the season at week 1 as both teams are having identical seasons.  Both teams are batting at or around 500 (DC .500) (ButcherZ 458).  As for defense, both teams are making their share of fundamental and rookie mistakes.  Meanwhile, the core is solid and with a few more weeks into the season, either one can compete for higher seed in the standings and eventually competing in the Playoffs against a favorable opponent.

The community predicts a split.  Game 1 willl be won by the Butcherz by a score of 19-13 for their first win of the season.  Game 2 will go to Diamond Cuttaz by a score of 15-9.


Series 3: Hurricanes vs Thunderbirds, 5:00 pm @ Eisenhower Park Field 1

Some would argue this should be the game of the week as captain Ali of the Hurricanes is looking to face off with his fierce rivallry with Farooq formerly of the Bandits.  Hurricanes, despite losing their key players this season have revived and picked up solid players and will continue to be a top contendor in the league.  Their opponent, the Thunderbirds are an extension of team Bandits led by Captains Waqas and Farooq.  The team has won some impressive games but also has strugglied due to attendance issues.  We'll have to wait and see if this team strengthens there core and starts winning games consistently.  One thing is fore sure, with Farooq and Waqas at the helm, they will not go down without a fight.

We predict Hurricanes sweep the Thunderbirds.  Game 1 by mercy 17-3.  Game 2 23-15.  It should be a long day for the Thunderbirds defense.

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Can the Bandits go unbeaten the entire season?
Team Win Loss
Bandits 12 0
Hurricanes 10 4
Thunderbirds 6 6
Panthers 6 6
Diamond Cuttaz 3 9
Butcherz 1 13
Team Player Avg
Bandits Hash 0.875
Hurricanes Moiz Siddiqi 0.857
Bandits BOSCH KHAN 0.833
Hurricanes Atif Khan 0.808
Bandits Adriel 0.8
Thunderbirds Waqas 0.771
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