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Season 2021 - Playoffs Friday, Jun 18 2021

Round 1 Previews

After the MOST organized and engaging regular season ever (Thanks to our fearless Commissioner Hasan), we now enter ourselves in the first round of CSL's 14th season of  playoffs with predictable but intriging matchups.   The question is.   Will it be the Yankees vs Wildcats Rd 3?  Yeesh.

Wildcats vs Hustlers: Field D @ Eisenhower Park @ 9:00 am

The Wildcats ended the season winning 16 of their last 17.   It's safe to say the defending champs are storming into the playoffs.  Captain Lefty did a superb job getting the guys prepared weel in and week out.  They are a well oiled machine.  

Meanwhile their opponents the Hustlers are also prepared and well represented each week. However their talent is just short but are on the right track.  

This series we expect Leo and company to dominate from start to finish and take care of business.  While the Hustlers have some pop on offense with guys like Miles, George, and Luis, their defense will ultimately cost them a chance to be competitive.

Prediction: Wildcats Sweep

G1: Wildcats 16, Hustlers 4

G2: Wildcats 20, Hustlers 6

Spartans vs Butcherz: Field 14 @ Eisenhower Park @ 9:00 am

In what many anticipate to be one of the best series of Rd 1, the furious Spartans and the emotional Butchers square off.

Both captains are certainly praised for a job well done with competing this season.  Congrats to Mike or Spartans and Chris of Butcherz.

The series will feature high octane offense and a few defensive gems.  The Spartans have veteran guys such as Merbin, Garcia, and Mike who can place the ball.  Also their superstar Danny is a game changer on both sides of the field.

Meanwhile the Butcherz generate runs with power and bullets up the middle. Led by their strong Lefty Sadesh scoring will not be a problem.

The experts see this series going the limit.  We expect many disruptions due to arguments with umpires, with each other, and oppents.  

Expect a long and exhausting day.   This is why we love sports.

Prediction: ButcherZ Advance!

G1: Spartans 13, Butcherz 10

G2: Butcherz 15 Spartans 10

G3: Butchers 14, Spartans 13.  Extra Innings

Flying  Dutchmen vs Warriors: 10:30am on Eisenhower 14

Captain Rishi is a great guy and probably appreciates CSL and his team. However he wanted a higher seed not for this week but next week.  Is Captain Rishi getting ahead of himself by assuming the Flying Dutchmen will defeat the Warriors?  

Well the Warriors are an absolute enigma.  They have some of the best young talent in the league.  They also have some of the worst defense and attitude.   Their pitcher and captain always seems angry.  

Perhaps that anger can shift onto the field and give the Warriors some ammunition to win.  The experts see the Warriors keeping it close but ultimately their defense will allow the flood gates to open vs a team who thrives on finding the gaps and long balls led by Dan the man and Shane.

When it is all said and done, the Flying Dutchmen will sweep and advance.  Unless the Warriors defense can somehow pull of a miracle.

Prediction: FD Sweep

G1: Flying Dutchmen 18, Warriors 8

G2: Flying Dutchmen 22, Warriors  5

Yankees vs Demolition: Joe Austin Field, Queens @ 9:00 am

There is absolute no on field love lost between these two teams.  As much as the Yankees are a thorn on the league, their commitment to softball and sports is admirable.  

Their opponent also is committed but their style is more strategic and deliberate.  While Captain Adeel fell short of his goals this season, his team has a chance to resurrect the season and shock CSL Nation.   

The series between these veterans will be intense.  We expect some trash talking and nonsense.  However the team that can play defense and get timely hitting will prevail.  

On paper, the Yankees are loaded with Vinnie, Mat and company but they have flaws.  Can the Demolition team recognize them?

One thing is for sure, Demolition has the roster to compete with Faizan, Kunal, Sean, Akil, etc.  

The experts see Demolition putting a fear into the Yankees but their firepower will fizzle and the Yankees will prevail in a well drawn out battle.  

Prediction: Yankees sweep

Game 1. Yankees 16, Demolition 13

Game 2: Yankees 18, Demolition 12

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What do you think will be the matchup for finals?
Wildcats vs Yankees
Wildcats vs Flying Dutchmen
Spartans vs Yankees
Spartans vs Flying Dutchmen
Team Win Loss
Wildcats 16 4
Yankees 13 6
Flying Dutchmen 13 7
Spartans 12 7
ButcherZ 10 10
Warriors 8 12
Demolition 6 14
Hustlers 1 19
Team Player Avg
Demolition Milan Patel* 0.786
Demolition Hamza Naveed (Sunny)* 0.778
Spartans Luigi Cardillo 0.76
Flying Dutchmen Dan Dilorio 0.743
Yankees Vincent Florido 0.723
ButcherZ Ray Lorenzo 0.72
Currently no data to display
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